To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee, 
One clover and a bee, 

                                  And revery. 

Emily Dickenson


8oz : 8/jar 

Pint: 15/jar

 Quart: 30/jar

Our current method of beekeeping is using Langstroth Hives, but are experimenting this year with alternative practices such as Top Bar. Regardless of the type of hive we use, we never treat our bees with chemicals and use the minimal amount of intervention. We will be using a combination of natural comb and bars with no comb, leaving the bees to make it themselves.  This year we will also be using less smoke on the bees. We will be practicing a holistic approach to beekeeping, looking at the hives as a "Bien" or a whole being is vulnerable to our intervention.

 We love our bees and in return we get to have a share of their sweet nectar they collect from our flowers. It is very important to us, to stand up for bees and put a end to pesticide use.

We Offer:

- Local Raw honey

- Infused Honeys ( sage honey, elderberry honey, lavender honey, truffle honey etc.)

What is Holistic Beekeeping?

Over the course of the last hundred years, the health of the bees has been challenged on many levels – conventional beekeeping with its mechanical and alienated approach, increasing exposure to pollution (pesticides, electro smog), a dramatic shift of the entire landscape and worlds ecosystem (loss of habitat, global warming), introduction of the varroa mite, and the spiritual crisis of the human heart.

The plight of the “Bien” (oneness of the bee colony) has to be understood within the context of the global landscape and the current rational and “one dimensional” human world view. The challenges for the well being of the bees only reflect our own struggle in our striving for health and happiness.

A systemic approach is needed to support the health of the “bien”.  To consider and understand the fundamental values and qualities of their being will be necessary to re-shape the current life-threatening attitude towards the bees.

All encounters, all relating and all inter-actions with the “bien” need to match it’s quality of being. Any approach regarding their health has to integrate multiple levels and follow a systemic approach. The multidimensionality of it’s own nature can shape our responses. Any allopathic treatment, including that of organic acids and that of breeding manipulations such as swarm prevention and artificial re-queening (the unfolding of the development of queens shall be exclusively controlled by the bee colony itself), all of the above will in the end not address the underlying issues and will not serve the long term health and survival of the bees and the world.