What is a CSA?

CSA stands for customer supported agriculture. When you sign up for our CSA you are signing up for a weekly delivery of food fresh from our farm. You help support your farmer by giving us more time to farm and less time going to farmers markets. We know how much to grow and even what to grow based on our customers request. You will be invited to our farm for farm events and receive a 15% discount on workshops, apothecary and any prepared food products. You can sign up anytime during the year, just check in with Melissa regarding what package you want. Custom packages also available.

You can either pick up your box at a drop site or have it delivered to your door. Contact Melissa at suchernovafarm@gmail.com to talk about options.

Please NOTE: EGGS will start being available in JUNE 2018. When we moved to Mendocino county the bears were very happy and wiped out our whole flock by winter. The replacement hens will be better protected and start laying around JUNE.

Contact Suchernovafarm@gmail.com