Organic Eggs

Our free range chickens are raised on organic grain &  and are antibiotic free. We treat all our animals holistically.

Our hens have houses for shelter, and they go in and outside as they please. They are not debeaked, like most commercial layers and are free range.We move them around pasture to fresh grass & use them in a symbiotic system with our cows, sheep & pigs.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              PASTURE RAISED CHICKEN EGGS $7 per dozen   


 About our Meat:


SucherNova Farm specalizes in growing clean, fresh poultry for you and your family.Similiar to the environment in which we raise our laying hens, we allow our meat birds to thrive in their natural environment.They forage all day, have access to clean water and their food is supplemented with an organic mix of grains & vegetables. All of our meat is raised on pasture, free of hormones & antibiotics.

Whether laying eggs or foraging for worms & grubs, a chickens’ life is all about freedom to roam, exercise, and enjoy their “chicken-ness”. As omnivores their job is to enjoy their organic diet  and to keep the bugs in check!


We now grow organic pasture raised heritage turkey! They eat grass, bugs, vegetables from the garden and organic grain. 


We raise our pigs on pasture in humane social environments. They eat cow & goats milk, grass & worms from pasture as well as vegetable scraps and organic grain. We raise Red Wattles & Berkshire breeds.

We offer retail cuts & custom whole or half pig orders.


We raise grass fed Lamb that is superior in flavor. We raise Navajo Churros as well as a few coriadales. We also have wool & fleeces for sale.



We raise grass fed Scottish Highland cattle. There meat is superior in marbeling & flavor. We move our cattle all over the north bay to take advantage of as much grass to eat as possible.