Spring Vegetables 2017

csa starts June 15th

Globe artichokes

purple artichokes

Chandler strawberries

chiogga beets

golden detroit  beets

early wonder red beets

oregon sugar pod peas

progress peas

fava beans

watermelon radish

crimson crunch radish

round black spanish radish

rainbow carrots

scarlet nantes carrots

purple, green & white cauliflower

waltham broccoli

purple sprouting broccoli


lancinato kale

red ursa kale

rainbow chard

napa cabbage

fordhook giant chard

champion collards

bok choy


pak choy


catalogna puntarelle dandelion


braising mix greens

mesculin mix greens 

garden lettuce mix greens

green garlic

spring onions

swiss chard micro-greens

bulls blood beet micro-greens

astro arugula micro-greens

tat soi micro-greens

amaranth micro-greens

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About our Vegetable & Fruit 

All our vegetables are organic. We have two areas that we grow our vegetables. The first area is in our permaculture designed garden. Our design has areas for children to play as well as areas to 

"pick & picnic".

We have baby fruit trees & bushes surrounding the border and will slowly be observing the land & growing to improve its "fashion & function", building a food forest.

This is the garden we try to grow most of our perennials as well.

The other area is in the pasture next door.

The garden is in the middle of our pigs & chickens. When we need a new area made or tilled, we bring in the pigs. It also makes it much easier to feed the animals scraps from the garden if they are close by!

On our farm we try to plant according to the biodynamic calendar, we also use biodynamic compost preparations. 

The reason we use permaculture & biodynamic practices is because we are not just farmers, we are stewards of the land.

Permaculture influences us to look towards the future, while biodynamics helps us learn to heal what has happen to the land & our current health.

When we sow seeds we are thinking of healing our families & the families that support our farm in a healthy future of getting back to our roots & the land that nurtures our bodies.